With innovative and market-attractive products, Domel enables the development and growth of the company and ensures work in the broader environment, thereby satisfying the interests of the owners. The activity and processes are based on the values that have been divided into five sets: creativity and ambitiousness, responsibility and economy, respect and cooperation, care for customers and employees and belonging. The first place is held by creativity, which functions as the basis for all the other values. It enriches the products and relations, clients and buyers, owners and employees.


We are a global development supplier of EC systems and components and maintain a leading position as a developer in the vacuum units market.


Domel is a socially responsible company. As a global developer and supplier of advanced solutions in the field of electric motors and components based on our own innovative technologies, we enable the growth and sustainable development of the Domel group, in this way providing quality jobs in the broader environment.

Domel draws its creative energy from its rich industrial tradition, and is one of the largest global producers of electric motors and suction units, where it has a 60 per cent share of the European market. Through our network of representative offices, Domel is present on all of the world’s leading markets. We are a developmental supplier with a clear vision and in-house development, through which we create trends and technical solutions at all levels of individual products and devices. Domel has received numerous awards from independent technical and consumer organizations, our laboratories are part of the national and international development network, we invest a great deal into social responsibility and enjoy long-standing collaboration with manufacturers in numerous branches of industry.


We are all creating a future together which is sustainable and viable in the long term. We are guided by our values, which are based on sustainable company development and social responsibility.