About us

SkillMe.EU is an International training consultancy based in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria specialising in the management of vocational training projects from a wide range of mobility programmes within Erasmus+.

SkillMe.EU offers work placements for students in a wide range of sectors and training programmes for teachers and school staff. We also deliver employability workshops and intercultural exchange activities.

SkillMe.EU strongly believe in the importance of international mobility as a means of acquiring new skills and competences and investing in personal development. As a result, we make every effort to prepare practical training programmes that will fully satisfy the professional and educational needs of all participants.

SkillMe.EU staff has wide experience managing and implementing training procedures and activities related to management of national and international proposals and give us enough skills and knowledge to develop the needed tasks and responsibilities.

Our aim is to help young people to prepare for the job market and their future career.

We provide our partners and trainees all services and local support to make sure they get the most of the experience without risks and hassle. We make sure trainees have been taken care of and can focus on the training and their work performance.

Our services

In order to achieve our goals we focus our work on the connection between business needs, organizational plans and human resources management and we are constantly carrying out analysis in order to develop and improve the organizations and our staff. SkillMe.EU provides the following integrated, custom-made services to the project target group:

  • Analysis of training needs
  • Pedagogical approach of training and development of educational models
  • Evaluation of learning processes
  • Design and creation of learning units and didactic materials
  • Organizational support & production and transfer of innovation and know-how
  • Project planning, submission and evaluation

For teacher and non-teacher staff:

For students: