About us

Technical school Slavonski Brod is a four-year vocational school with five educational fields and eight career programmes. Our 732 students are attending the following educational fields: mechanical engineering, electrotechnics, road transport, civil engineering, shipping and logistics.

The mission of Technical school is to educate for lifelong learning, to educate for life, cooperation and humanity, and our students and teachers are guided by the vision that quality school leads to a competent student.

During the 68 years of work, Technical school has been orientated towards high standards of quality work.

Nurtured values are a student as the centre of educational process, quality communication, cooperation, responsibility, social competences, accepting differences and encouraging excellence.

Technical school Slavonski Brod is active in implementing and participating as partners in European projects with the goal of modernizing school curricula and of mobility of students and teachers.

With implementation of 19 international cooperation projects, our school strives to implement innovative teaching processes and quality methods of teaching based on William Glasser’s Quality school.

Implementation of these activities promotes belonging to European citizenship, perfecting language competences and nourishing Croatian culture and traditional values.

Entrepreneurial skills are acquired in school trainee companies, which have the goal of connecting school with the labour market.

Results of numerous competitions on all levels, together with awarded scholarships for students with high results show both school’s and students’ excellence.

Technical school is home to Solar demonstration centre, Centre for new technologies, Counselling centre ‘Navigator’, multi-media school library, practicums for mechanical engineering, electrotechnics, automation and pneumatics.

Different educational programmes for adults following the demands of the labour market are a valuable contribution of our school to our community.

International cooperation projects and mobility projects for students and teachers, cooperation of economy and school tending to follow the labour market needs, together with the large number of extra-curricular activities, culture and public activities, humanitarian projects and youth voluntary work make important aspects of excellence and educational work of Technical school.

Teamwork makes the foundation of constant growth and development of our school to be and to stay the ever-learning institution.