Tourism is an activity that is growing every day. even in these times of economic crisis. We organise  education practise for students who need to meet the demand that exists, due to the growth of this industry, for the workers who shall be employed in it. A wide variety of occupations which can be performed after graduating from this school provides easier employment for our students, and to make them more competitive in the labor market we had provided them with practice in the most important tourist facilities in the city, as well as with tutors that have years of experience in this field.

A tourist can be any man who wants to travel, but to have knowledge about the countries you visit is a big deal indeed. Knowing their culture, history, and historic sites is of great importance for every individual. This occupation is full of interesting and adventurous activities, which needs students seeking adventure, but also enjoying everyday learning about new cities and different cultures.

In the tourism industry, you will have the opportunity to organize various kinds of educational travels, student exchanges and the like. Therefore, your role is more important, greater, and more interesting because the decisions you make are important in this field of work. That’s why you need to be professionally trained.

We offer trainings on filed of cooks, receptionists, waiters and wellnes –spa (beauticians).